Blog Options

Go to Admin > Theme Options > Settings > Blog Options to set up your blog page, single blog page, slider blog, and related blog.

Blog Page

  • Blog Layout: you can choose a blog layout between Grid or List layout.
  • Blog Columns: Set the number of blog columns
  • Show thumbnail: you can enable or disable the thumbnails of blog articles
  • Thumbnail size: It’s also possible to set the thumbnail size to fit your need
  • Besides, you’re able to configure several options for your blog page such as date, author, comment count, post view, category, tag, and so on.
Configure options of the blog page

Blog Single

You can select to show/hide different related elements (title, thumbnail, date, author, comment count, category, tag, description …) in each detailed blog post. To enable or disable related articles, please disable the option “Show Related”.
Configure options of single blog article

Blog Slider Option

Used to configure sliders added in posts in Gallery format
Configure options of blog slider
Here you can configure the number of columns and related blog articles displayed on your website. To enable or disable related articles, please configure the option in the Blog Single section.
Configure options of related blog