Edit Breadcrumb Image

The Breadcrumb image is the background image of the breadcrumb section below the header section. It's usually placed on inner pages on a website, such as blog, product, service, about us, contact ...

1. How to edit a breadcrumb image

Please go to wp-admin > Golden Heart Options > templates > edit your template > layout:

  • Click to edit the breadcrumb section

  • In the tab "Design settings", upload a background image

  • You can also change the background overlay

2. How to create different breadcrumb images for different pages

As you know, each template layout is assigned to specific pages and each layout can display a particular breadcrumb image. So if you're interested in showing different background images for different pages, you're supposed to duplicate templates, change the breadcrumb image of those layouts, then assign each page to the corresponding template.

  • Go to Theme options > Templates > Duplicate one current template or create a new one

  • Edit the duplicated template > rename it and edit its layout

  • Edit the Breadcrumb's whole section (as instructed above) > Design settings > Change the background image

  • Go to Pages > edit your page > Choose a corresponding TemPlaza style

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