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To setup Contact Page You have to install require plugins included: Elementor Website Builder, Contact Form by WPForms and TemPlaza Elements.

The Contact Page uses different Elementor widgets.

View Contact Page layout view on frontend:

Steps to Create the Contact Demo Menu Items

The Contact page on the demo site uses TemPlaza: Heading, UI Text, UI Accordion, UI Card, UI Marker, and WP Form widgets to display the Content.

Here is a guide to creating Contact Page:

Step 1: Create a template site

  • Go to unzipped folder -> data-import -> templates -> elementor_template.json

  • Go to wp-admin -> Alita Options -> Templates -> Click “Add New” -> Import / Export

  • Insert Template title -> Click Publish

Step 2: Create a new page

Go to wp-admin -> Pages -> Add New Page -> Edit with Elementor -> Publish

Step 3: Configure Elementor widgets

Contact Page uses TemPlaza: Heading, UI Text, UI Accordion, UI Card, UI Marker, WP Form widgets.

1. Heading section

Heading section uses TemPlaza: UI Text

2. Contact Form Section

Add section with 2 columns. Contact Form section uses TemPlaza: Heading, UI Text, UI Accordion and WPForm

2.1. TemPlaza: Heading

2.2. TemPlaza UI Text

2.3. TemPlaza: UI Accordion

2.4. TemPlaza: WPForms

3. Marker Section

Marker section uses TemPlaza: UI Marker

4. Contact Information Section

The contact information section uses TemPlaza: UI Card

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