Theme's Header

The home page 1 and inner pages are assigned to header 1 (Default header), while the home 2 and home 3 are assigned to Header 2 and Header 3 respectively. You can go to Travelami Options > Headers > There you can see 3 prebuilt header templates > Open Travelami Default.

Open each header template, you will see options to configure the header logo, header layout and others.

Header modes

There are many header modes for you to choose from, including Horizontal, Stacked, and Sidebar.

Header Block 1

Block 1 is a position where you can place a widget, contact info, and a custom html, It can be on the right of a horizontal menu, below the stacked menu, and at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

Header Assignment

When editing each header, you can see the template Assignment which allows you to assign the header to templates you want.

In case you would like to apply the header to all the pages, just need to enable the default layout option.

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