Breadcrumb Image

Breadcrumb image is the background image of the breadcrumb section below the main menu.

Change the background image of Breadcrumb section and Overlay color

To edit this image, pls go to Auto showroom Options > Settings / or Templates > Layout > Edit the breadcrumb section > Design Settings tab > change the background image

If you want to remove or change the black overlay color, you should look at the Overlay color option below the background image.

You should edit both the layout in the Settings and templates as well. Pages on your website are assigned to a specific template, so you need to edit the corresponding one to see changes.

How to know which template is assigned to a page

You should go to Pages > edit a page > on the right sidebar, you can see an option "Templaza Style"

Here you can see or choose the template style assigned to a page. If a page is not assigned to a specific template, it will be inherited the layout from the theme's Settings.

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