Advanced Product Options

The theme offers many helpful options to configure the inventory page. You can find them in Koer Options > Settings > Advanced Products options.

Here you will see options to configure:

Advanced Product Archive

Advanced Product Loop

Advanced Product Single

The options below are applied to the detailed page of each advanced product.

Advanced Product Compare

The theme supports 5 styles for the compare layout. You can choose one of the available styles on the drop-down list.

Here are some options for related products that are displayed on detailed product pages.

Advanced Product Badges

Here are available options to configure item badges of products on the inventory list pages, such as: For Sale, For Rent, All, Sale / Rent.

Advanced Product Quickview

You can choose field groups to be displayed in quick view.

Get A Quote

Here you can enable or disable the Get A Quote, choose a form and edit the quote label.

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