Online Shop

Select Shop Layout

  • Please go to Wp-admin > Plazart Options > Settings > Product Options
  • Choose Products Archive Style ( Layout Shop) and Products Single Style ( Layout No Sidebar)
  • To create the product filter on the sidebar of the shop page, pls go to Wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets > Shop Sidebar
  • Click on the + sign to add a new widget "TemPlaza - Woocommerce Filter"
  • Then click on "Add a new filter" and choose a filter by (ex: Product Category, Product Brand, Product Tag, Rating, Price, Attribute, or Group)
Configure filter's options: Clicking on the Options, you can enable "Use
Configure the filter's option


Product Loop

Product loop layout

On the demo, you can see different layouts of product loops, including:
  • Product add-to-cart
  • Product quick view
  • Product icons on hover
  • Product icons at the bottom
  • Product simple
  • Product standard button
  • Product info on hover
  • Product add-to-cart text
  • Product quick shop button
To change the layout of product loop, you should go to Plazart Options > Settings > Woocommerce Options > Product Loop > Product Loop Layout > Choose a layout

Product Loop Hover

Below the Product Loop Layout, you can see an option to choose the product loop hover such as: Fadein, Classic, Zoom, and Slider.
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