Setting Up WooCommerce

To set up WooCommerce, you go to WooCommerce > Settings in the admin panel.

Currency Options

  1. In WooCommerce Settings page, you select the General tab

  2. You find the Currency Options section and configure your currency

You can also add a custom currency symbol. Please refer to this article.

Page Settings

After you create WooCommerce pages. You will go to the Settings page to assign them.

  • To assign the Shop page, you select the Products tab.

  • To assign the My Account, Cart and Checkout pages, you select the Advanced tab.

Please note that if you install WooCommerce pages by clicking on the WooCommerce notification, WooCommerce will automatically assign for you.

Registration Options

You also make sure that you allow your customers to register on your site. You select the Accounts & Privacy tab and find the Account creation section as the screenshot.

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