Create a footer

How to apply a footer for the whole website? This is one of the common questions that we have received from many users. In this article, I would like to instruct you on how to do it.

  • Please go to WP-admin > Theme Options > Footer > Click "Add New" to create a new Footer layout by yourself (Or you can edit the prebuilt footer layouts of the theme)

  • Add new sections, select the grid layout of each section, and add elements to the layout

Template assignment

By editing a footer layout, you will see the template assignment on the right that lists all the template styles.

It's up to you to manually assign the footer to specific template styles or mark it be the default.

  • Enable the Default option to make it a default footer for the whole site.

The default Footer will play a global role on the site, so there is no need to assign it to any specific templates. For those which are not a default layout, they should be particularly assigned to some templates.

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