Cause Grid

1. Causes articles

To create the Causes - Grid page, you're supposed to create causes articles first.
  • Please go to wp-admin > Cause > Add new
  • Enter the cause title
  • Assign the cause to a category
  • Upload a featured image and add intro text to the excerpt box
Create a cause

2. Configure Causes Options

  • Below the content section, you'll see Cause Options
  • Please select the Cause Donate settings - Inherit from setting - Custom > Configure custom options
Configure cause options

3. Create a Cause Grid Page

  • Go to Pages > Add New. Here you create a new page
  • Enter the page's title
  • Select Templaza style: No sidebar
  • Edit the page's content with Elementor
  • Add a section, drag & drop UI Posts element to the section
  • Select post resource: Cause and choose categories, ordering.
  • Select post resource: Cause and choose categories, ordering, and number of columns on devices (should be more than 1 column)
Create a Cause Grid page
Configure the grid number of columns
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