Import Demo Content

After activating the theme license, please go to the Demo Importer tab to import the demo content. Just click on "Install Demo Data" button, and finish the process

Import the demo with 1-click Installer

Install required plugins

When you click on "Install Demo Data", a popup will appear and show you a list of required plugins. You should install and activate them first.
Install & activate plugins and start to install demo data
The import is still in process
The process is complete

Import Data Package Manually

  • Go to wp-admin -> Tools -> Import -> WordPress (Run Importer)
  • Choose import file and click “Upload file and import”
Wordpress Importer
Select the xml file from you local folder
Click submit button to start the import process
All done

Configure Home Page and Elementor

1. Configure Home Page

  • Go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Reading -> Your homepage displays
  • Select “A static page” -> Homepage: select “Home”
Select a home page

2. Disable Default Fonts and Colors

Go to wp-admin -> Elementor -> Settings -> General Tab -> Check “Disable Default Colors” and “Disable Default Fonts”
Disable Default Fonts and Colors of Elementor settings. Save changes.

3. Configure Main Menu

Go to wp-admin -> select “Main Menu” -> Check Primary Menu -> Save Menu
Select Main Menu -> Check Primary Menu -> Save Menu
After all, you can go to the front end and check whether everything displays properly or not.