Adding Product

Follow the steps below to add a new product

  1. In the admin panel, you go to Products and click the Add New button

  2. Input the product title and product content

  3. Select Product Category, Product Tag

  4. Add Featured Image and Product Gallery

  5. Insert the detailed product info in the product's description

  6. In the Product data, there are some product types that you can choose from, including Simple product, Grouped product, Variable product and External / Affiliate product.

  7. Next is Product short description. The short description is the brief text displayed under the product's price.

  8. The last is Product options which allow you to add additional information for a product.

Product Data

You should also read WooCommerce Documentation to get more details. We only have some notes that we think you need to know.

  1. Adding a product on sale and a deal:

    • With the Simple Product, you select the General tab. You add a Sale Price and click the Schedule button to set up a date.

How to edit the text: Hurry Up! Sales Ends Soon! Sold Items You should go to Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Product Deals

  • With the Variable Product, after setting up Product Attributes in the Attributes tab, you go to the Variations tab and add New Variation. With each Variation, you also click the Schedule button next to the Sale Price field to set up a date. Please note that product only displays the time of the first Variation.

  1. Adding Additional Information: You go to the Shipping tab. You set the value of Weight and Dimensions options. You can change the unit by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Products tab

  2. Enable/Disable Product Review: You go to the Advanced tab. You will see the Enable Reviews option. Just check/uncheck it. If you want to disable the Reviews tab, you go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General and disable the Enable product reviews option or follow this article.

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