Choose a layout for the inventory page

Inventory is an archived page, so it's not available in the page list. So we need to have an option to assign a template layout to the page in the global settings.

  • Please go to WP-admin > Koer Settings > Settings > Settings > Advanced Product Options

  • Choose a layout for Advanced Products Archive page (Layout Inventory) and Advanced Products Single page (Layout No Sidebar)

Inventory Search Sidebar

  • Pls go to Appearance > Widgets > Edit the Inventory Sidebar

  • Add TemPlaza - Advanced Products Filter to the inventory sidebar

  • Click on it, you will see related options on the right sidebar, which allows you to select custom fields (ex: Price, category, branch, manufacture, and so on)

  • Edit the submit button text "Search" with your own words

  • Filter By Keyword: enable the option if you want to filter products by keywords

  • Use ajax for filtering: enable the option if you want to sort products, and navigate to the next and previous pages without reloading the page.

  • Update URL: in case you would like the filter options to be reflected in the URL, from where users can copy it and share it for others to get to the same filter state, turn on this option.

  • Filtering products instantly (no buttons required): by enabling this option, the Search button will be removed and the result will appear instantly after selecting the filter options.

Advanced Products Options

You should go to Plazart Options > Settings > Advanced Products Options. Here you can configure available options for advanced product archive, product loop, single advanced product, and related products.

Advanced Product Archive

  • Inventory layout: you can choose between Grid and Masonry

  • Set the number of product columns on different devices: large desktop, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

  • Collapse gap: the space between product columns. You can choose an option available in the list

  • Product per page: set the number of products displaying on a page

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