Sidebar Widgets

There are different pre-defined widgets that you can find in the Appearance > Widgets.

Main Sidebar:

The main sidebar is usually located on the blog pages which are assigned to the default layout.

When you click on each section of the main sidebar, you'll see options to edit on the right sidebar.

Shop Sidebar

The shop sidebar is located on the shop page. It's built with TemPlaza - Woocommerce Filter which allows you to add various filters to the sidebar such as Category, Brand, Group, Rating, Price, and Tags.

Click on "Add A New Filter" to add more filters to the sidebar.

Click on the Options tab > you'll see options:

  • Use ajax for filtering

  • Filtering products instantly (no buttons required)

  • Update URL

Inventory Sidebar

You can find the inventory sidebar on the Inventory page. This sidebar was created with TemPlaza - Advanced Products Filter which allows you to add different advanced products filters according to custom fields (ex: Branch, Make, Model, Manufacturer, Price, Year and so on)

  • Select custom fields: add custom fields to the sidebar.

  • Filter by keyword: enable it if you're interested in showing a field to search products by keyword.

  • Limit Height Fields: Enable it to limit the height of fields.

  • Submit Text: you can edit the Search button's text here.

  • Use Ajax for filtering: Enable the option to activate ajax filtering which will hide the search call-to-action button

  • Update URL: Update the url when filtering custom fields.

  • Filtering products instantly (no buttons required):

General Options

  • Max height: the height of the filter if it's not expanded (See less).

  • Below max height are options to configure the number of columns (number of products per row) on different devices: large desktops, desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

How to assign a widget to the layout

For the blog pages, you should go to Auto Showroom Options > Settings > Layout > Edit the sidebar > Choose a sidebar widget.

For others, you should go to Auto Showroom Options > Templates > edit the corresponding template > Layout > edit the sidebar.

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