Home 1

Here below are detailed instructions on how to edit each section of the home 1. Please follow us to know to

Templaza style

This home 1 is assigned to Home style. Please go to Wp-admin > Pages > Edit your Home page > On the right sidebar, scroll down you will see TemPlaza Style > Select a style there

Now let's start to build and edit your home page with Elementor.

Section 2

In this section, we use the elements: Templaza - UI Image, Templaza - Heading, Text Editor, and Button.

Templaza - UI Image

  • Edit the image by choosing another one from the library,

  • Choosing an image size from the option list

  • Enabling or disabling Flash Effect

  • Transition: Scale Up or down

To edit the background image of this section, please click to edit the section > Style tab > You'll see an option to change the image.

Section 3

This section uses the Counter element. Create a new section with a number of columns required, and add the Counter element. Then configure available options: starting number, ending number, title ...

Section 4

This section was built with TemPlaza - Heading, Text Editor, TemPlaza Advanced Product Slideshow

TemPlaza Advanced Product Slideshow

Section 5

This section is built with TemPlaza: UI LightBox element.

You can add the URL of not only Youtube or Vimeo videos, but images, google maps also.

Choose a play icon, set the wight, height and size of the play button.

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