Home 1

Here below are detailed instructions on how to edit each section of the home 1. Please follow us to know to

Templaza style

This home 1 is assigned to Home style. Please go to Wp-admin > Pages > Edit your Home page > On the right sidebar, scroll down you will see TemPlaza Style > Select a style there
Now let's start to build and edit your home page with Elementor.

Section 2

In this section, we use the elements: Templaza - UI Image, Templaza - Heading, Text Editor, and Button.

Templaza - UI Image

  • Edit the image by choosing another one from the library,
  • Choosing an image size from the option list
  • Enabling or disabling Flash Effect
  • Transition: Scale Up or down
To edit the background image of this section, please click to edit the section > Style tab > You'll see an option to change the image.
Change the section's background image

Section 3

This section uses the Counter element. Create a new section with a number of columns required, and add the Counter element. Then configure available options: starting number, ending number, title ...

Section 4

This section was built with TemPlaza - Heading, Text Editor, TemPlaza Advanced Product Slideshow

TemPlaza Advanced Product Slideshow

Product Slide settings
Custom Fields settings
Button settings
In the custom fields settings, you can adjust the margin and padding, border type, color, font, and font size of the custom fields of the product.
Custom fields settings
To edit the call-to-action button, please configure the Button Settings
Button title, button font, background color and so on.
Button settings

Section 5

This section is built with TemPlaza: UI LightBox element.
UI Lightbox
Lightbox Settings
Color Style
You can add the URL of not only Youtube or Vimeo videos, but images, google maps also.
Choose a play icon, set the wight, height and size of the play button.
In the Lightbox settings, you're able to enable or disable autoplay, and configure the width and height of the lightbox.
In the Color style, you can adjust the color options of the play icon: icon color, background, border type ...