Blog 2/3/4 Columns

The theme's 2/3/4 columns blog is created with Elementor, so please go to this page > click edit with Elementor

The page's content is built with TemPlaza: UI Post, click on it to edit the element's options

Adjust the number of article columns

By editing the TemPlaza: UI Posts, please configure the columns on Large desktops, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile phones.

Title Settings

Please go to the title settings, you'll see options to adjust the blog article's title including: title heading tag, title font, style, custom color of title, and title's margin.

Content Settings

  • Show or hide introtext

  • Content font: edit the article's font

  • Custom color: change the color of the content's text

  • Drop cap: enable the option if you want to display a large capital letter in the paragraph

Meta Settings

  • Before title/After title/After description/In the footer: you can "Date, Author, Category or Tags" in a different position "before, after the title, after the description, or in the footer".

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